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best concrete services in San Antonio Texas

Concrete Repair & Paving

Concrete doesn’t rot, corrode, or decay, and because it molds readily into a variety of shapes, it works well in a variety of applications. As a non-combustible material, concrete is fire-resistant, and it consists of naturally occurring materials, so you don’t have to worry about odor/gas emissions or toxic preservatives. Better still, concrete resists compaction, making it the ideal choice for heavy-traffic roads and sites.

Commercial Paving Projects

The team at Blackout Paving LLC can handle all of the above concrete projects with skill and precision. In addition to new installations, we also offer concrete repair. If you need concrete grinding or crack filling, we can revive your concrete so it functions for years to come.

We know a thing or two about concrete, and what it takes to become the most trusted name in commercial paving. From large corporate projects to basic maintenance and repair, we offer only the highest quality paving solutions.

Our company also specializes in offering concrete services. Among the services provided, we offer residential concrete driveway construction, concrete sidewalks, heavy-duty concrete parking pads, concrete pads for sheds, concrete patios, concrete driveway extensions, and other concrete applications for residential customers. We believe that offering concrete services in addition to our asphalt division is a win for our customers due to the flexibility and options provided to meet our customer demands.

Our Process

Residential Pavement 90%
Commercial Pavement 80%
Pavement Sealing 70%
best concrete services in San Antonio Texas

What You Receive?

A heavy-duty concrete application should only be left to the professionals. A careful review of the property and site area is very important in determining the PSI of the concrete, the type of reinforcement needed, and the weight of vehicles or structures that will be on top of your new concrete area. We take careful consideration of all factors before we make our recommendation.

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Specific gravity of soil

Professional contractors

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Long-lasting material

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When you find a great Paving company, it is exciting because not all paving contractors are the same. My insurance agent referred them to me as "an honest & hardworking" paving company, so I thought I would check them out.

5/5 Stars.

Robert Miller Homeowner San Antonio, TX

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